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“The Kollel gives us the encouragement to define our own success, and at the same time is completely committed to do any and everything that will get us there. CKD is not just "a place to learn" or "a place to receive semicha" It is a Kollel that is completely devoted to the success of its members."

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Rav Daniel Sumner

Rav Zecharya Rubin

I'm from Elizabeth, NJ. I learned in Ner Yaakov, Bais Yisroel, and Mir (all here in Israel), and in Ner Yisroel, and the Bridgeport Community Kollel. Part of my experience in Bridgeport included teaching in the community, where I gave a daf yomi shiur, a weekly gemara shiur and had multiple chavrusos with community members. Additionally, I ran most of the Kollel's community events which included breakfasts, shabbatons and other activities.


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