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Who is the Ohr Chodosh looking for?

Ohr Chodosh is looking for talented individuals who:

  • Aspire to begin a career in community leadership within 4 years.

  • Candidates with and without children are accepted.

  • Have a strong learning background.

  • Are prepared for a rigorous program involving three sedarim each day, weekly tests in all areas, the regular delivery of chaburos both to chaverim in kollel and to men and women in the English-speaking community in and around Yerushalayim, the regular writing of articles on a variety of topics, shimush talmidei chochomim, and Rabbanut Smicha examinations.

  • Are prepared to move to Yerushalayim before Rosh Chodesh Elul.

Are the graduates of the program able to take positions in Eretz Israel, or would they be required to move to chutz l'aretz for a period of time?

Ohr Chodosh graduates are only allowed to take major leadership positions - to be the founder or head of a school, yeshiva, or kollel, or to be the founder or chief rabbi of a community, or the director of a large kiruv program, etc.  There are very few such opportunities available in any country, and the chances are that such positions would be awarded to people fluent not only in the local language but also the local culture.  Therefore, since Ohr Chodosh caters to English speaking avreichim, the chances are much higher that graduates will find their positions in English speaking countries.  While Ohr Chodosh is theoretically open to its graduates taking positions in Israel, it is very unlikely that appropriate positions will be offered in Israel, and therefore applicants must assume they may be compelled to take positions in chutz l'aretz



What does a typical learning schedule look like, concerning scope, speed, and range of topics?

9:30 AM - 1:00 PM  halacha/preparation for Smicha examinations (equivalent of 1.5 daf of Shulchan Aruch/week); 3:30-6:30 PM additional Smicha preparations, Sha"s bekiyus, chinuch, sholom bayis, sifrei gadolei hamussar, and special courses.

What obligations will my wife have to the program during the 4 year fellowship?

Ohr Chodosh wives have no specific obligations.  Ohr Chodosh tries to free them of the need to seek parnasa so that they can provide full time emotional and physical support for their families - an essential when the husbands are keeping such a vigorous schedule. Although the wives of Ohr Chodosh avreichim are never required to take time away from their home lives, they have voluntarily created an extremely active "N'shei" that includes classes on psychology and counseling, chinuch, sholom bayis, and mussar. The group also organizes special seminars on a wide range of topics, from emergency medical training to self-defense. Ohr Chodosh supports and is proud of all its N'shei activities. 

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