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“What makes CKD unique, in my opinion, is that this program is an attempt to work on all aspects of one's growth in תורה and רוחניות. R' Kelemen and R' Kamenetzky have created an atmosphere where we are asked to learn and gain many different and important skill sets that any person who wants to have a meaningful impact on the Jewish nation will need. This includes:

  • Intensive learning of Halacha

  • Seeing a large amount Gemara

  • Actively working on one's middos

  • Getting many important practical tools to help others in need, like marriage counseling, chinuch, and more

  • Preparing Chaburos/Classes to be given different public settings

  • Hearing from experts on a range of important topics, including common psychological treatments, crucial first-aid care, and more

  • Hearing from R' Asher Weiss Shlit"a on various halachic issues


While this sounds like a lot (which it is), the aforementioned Rabbeim have attempted to create an environment where one can have 5 years to fully dedicate himself to prepare for "what is out there". I am excited to think about what I will come out with after 5 years.”

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Rav Yehuda Shor

I grew up in Brighton Beach, a 10 minute drive from Flatbush, a relatively small frum Jewish community (approximately 200 religious families divided into 2 Orthodox shuls). After commuting to Rambam Mesivta High School in Long Island for 4 years (apparently you couldn't find modern orthodox high schools in Brooklyn when I was a kid), I went to Ohr Yerushalayim in Moshav Beit Meir, right outside Yerushalayim, for the "Israel experience". I learned there for 2 years, and then headed to Lander College, where I could continue learning and growing while pursuing a degree. I earned my Bachelor's degree in psychology and learned a tremendous amount from my Rebbe, HaRav Yehuda Parnes (may he be well). Before getting married, I was already an unofficial talmid in the Landers Kollel.  

When Ilanit and I got married, we came to Yerushalayim with the intent of learning at the Mir during Shanah Rishonah. Seven years later, we are still here, gaining knowledge and experience from great talmidei chachamim, mechanchim, and rabbeim. I learned by R' Elimelech Resnick, R' Noach Orlowek, R' Zev Leff (may he be well), and many others. We currently live in Ramat Eshkol with our (Baruch Hashem) four children, and are planting and building, awating the next step in our lives, whatever Hashem has in mind for us.


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