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“I feel that CKD provides me with the ability to actualize my kochos and realize my potential. With the focus on bottom line results, whether for preparing for the Rabbanut tests or working on Avodas Hashem, together with the larger goal of taking a position within five years, the program is immediate and concrete. and encourages tangible personal growth. The program develops every aspect of a person's life -- spiritual, physical, mental and emotional.

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Rav Daniel Sumner

Rav Yaakov Yisroel Privalsky

I grew up in Brooklyn and attended Yeshivas Tiferes Elimelech beginning with primary school and continuing all the way through Mesivta. After graduating, I moved on to Tiferes Elimelech’s Beis Midrash  in Staten island under the leadership of the Rosh HaYeshiva, HaRav Nissen Goodman shlita. Three years later, I went to Yeshivas Brisk in Eretz Yisrael (led by HaRav Avrohom Yehoshua Soloveitchik shlita).  Returning to the States two years later, I joined Beis Midrash Gavohah in Lakewood, and married my wife, Hendee, the daughter of R’ Avrohom Neuberger of Monsey, NY. We remained in Lakewood, where my wife, a computer programmer, who had been involved in a Kiruv program in Ukraine, found employment working for Oorah. Shortly thereafter, I was hired to serve as Shoel U'Meishiv in Yeshivah Gedolah Be'er HaTorah (led by R’ Avrohom Grubner shlita), where I delivered weekly chaburos to the bochurim. I remain in touch with my talmidim, many of whom are presently in Eretz Yisrael, and with whom I have periodic gatherings. During that period, I published, in conjunction with my father-in-law, an article in Kolmus (a division of Mishpacha Magazine) addressing the halachic issues which apply to certain forms of alternative medicine. Two children and three years later, I heard of a Kollel opening in Eretz Yisroel which presented a unique opportunity for growth. With the blessing and encouragement of my father’s mechutanim, HaRav R’ Sholom Kamenetsky shlita and his esteemed father, HaRav HaGaon R’ Shmuel Kamenetsky, my wife and I resolved to join the Kollel. My wife, Hendee continues to work for for Oorah remotely.


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