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"Talented, ambitious avreichim need a place to concretize their dreams and prepare to make them a reality.  The CKD provides that special environment, and serves as a bridge between these future leaders and the communities who are hungry for their vision".

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Rav Leib Kelemen

Rabbi Leib Kelemen served as Senior Lecturer at Neve Yerushalayim from 1996-2009. In 2009 he founded the International Organization of Mussar Vaadim, an international network of more than two dozen classical mussar vaadim in the USA and Israel.  He is the author of dozens of newspaper and journal articles, and several books, including Permission to Believe (Targum Press, 1990), Permission to Receive (Targum Press, 1994),To Kindle A Soul (Leviathan Press/Targum Press, 2001), and he is the translator of Rav Shlomo Wolbe z"l's sefer Zriyah U'Binyan B'Chinuch ("Planting and Building," Feldheim Press, 1999). He is the founder and Dean of the Center for Kehillah Development.

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