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Rav Yosef Kamenetsky

Rav Yosef Kamenetsky learned at Torah V'daas in Crown Heights before making aliyah with his family in 1968, just before his Bar Mitzvah.  In Israel, he learned at ITRI, where his father was the Rosh Yeshiva.  He then moved to Mir, where he learned under Rav Nochum Pertzovitz for 3.5 years.  After getting married, he joined the Israeli kollel of Aish HaTorah, and in his fifth year there he began teaching in Hadras Yerushalayim.  In 1985, he took on additional responsibilities as a Rosh Mesivta at Yeshivas Darche Noam, and five years later he became the Rosh Kollel of the Darche Noam Halacha Kollel.  He also taught at Hadar Girls seminary until 1999. That year, Rav Kamenetsky founded the Schimmel Kollel for Halacha, which he headed until 2006.  He was then asked to take over as head of the Ohalei Yaakov community in Moscow, where he also headed the Ohalei Yaakov kollel.  In Russia, he founded the Moscow Cheder, had a handmade matzah factory built and became involved with Russian kiruv efforts.  He taught for and unified the various Orthodox communities in Moscow. Rabbi Kamenetsky is a Senior Editor at Artscroll Mesorah, and is responsible for the Artscroll Chumash with Rashi, and the Artscroll Chumash with Ramban, besides having worked on many volumes of the Hebrew Artscroll Gemara. He is also the editor and publisher of his grandfather's (Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky's) commentary on Neviim. He resides in Yerushalyim where he has been a weekly Baal Korei and a daily Magid shiur of Daf HaYomi for over 25 years.


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