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Rav Daniel Sumner

“The CKD’s unique program and goals transcends normal descriptions of standard Kollelim. It is more than a halacha kollel or a gamara kollel or a kiruv training kollel. Much more. As such, it will produce Rabbis who will be dynamic and unique enough to address the Jewish people’s needs in a fresh and impactful way”.​

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Rav Daniel Sumner

I was born and raised in the midwood section of Brooklyn New York. As a child and teen, I attended Yeshiva Chasida Torah, a small elementary and high school of Rabbi Label Katz.  After High school, I learned in Rabbi David Fishmen’s Yeshiva in Monsey for my first two years of Bais Medraish. I then went to learn by Rabbi Elyah Brudny in Mir Brooklyn for my third year.  I then learned in Mir Yerushalyim in Reb Usher Arialy’s shiur. Returning home after my fourth year, I began the Smicha program at Torah Vadaas. After getting married at age 21, I enrolled in Touro College and began the three year program to receive a bachelor’s degree in accounting. I received my degree shortly before I was accepted into the CKD. During the next three years I lived in Brooklyn, learned in Kollel Torah Vadaas, and received smicha from Rabbi Belsky. I also received Smicha from Rabbi Moshe Heinemann through multiple tests at his shul in Baltimore. After graduating from college at the end of my third year in kollel, I began making attempts to find a sustainable and responsible way to maintain my goals to become a Rabbi. Due to my young age and right wing training, the only plausible option was to attempt to join a community kollel. During my early scouting for one, my brother-in-law, who knew a member of the CKD (Rav Yosef Platt), suggested that I try out for the CKD.  I applied and was miraculously accepted early enough to make a smooth transition into my fourth year of kollel at the age of 25. I am now a full time fellow at the CKD and am very confident that I will be a worthy investment to all those who gave me the opportunity to grow and serve Klal Yisrael.

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